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Lots of new Hobie boards showed up this morning – and then sold out during the day!
We received the great all around board – The ATR in all 3 sizes (10’6″ / 11’2″ / 12’0″) and in many colors of each.
This is a great Lake and River board – that will also surf small waves really well. It is at a great price – and comes with a Free Hobie paddle.

We also HAD a great selection of the Hobie race boards in all sizes – but in less than 8 hours we sold out of 75% of our shipment.
(Thank you! – you know who you all are.)
Let me throw out a quick reminder here to everyone in Intrawebz land – Easy Rider HAS a HUGE selection of SUP boards and paddles right now. . . . but not for long.
People around the country are finding out that we have what they want . . . and are buying it. If you even think you want a board this summer – get it now to avoid missing out on the board you want.


We now rejoin our regularly scheduled program . . .
We also received a shipment of boards from Riviera today.
The killer entry level board – the Riviera 11’6″ came in and at a shade over a grand – with a nice paddle – it is the deal of the Month.
And finally – the absolute lightest board on the planet showed up today . . . . drum roll please . . . . the 404 Monster HOLLOW Carbon!
The board is 12’6″ in length and is bizarrely light. Don’t have the scale here – but it was picked up by a 5 year old in the shop – with one hand!
Sub 20 pounds – easy.

Here today . . .
. . . gone today.
Can a board be too light? NOPE!