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Lac La Biche crossing.

In preparation for my trip to the Naish Paddle Championships in Maui in a week and a half, I decided it would be good training to paddle 17 km across Lac La Biche.
I had my brother drive me to Plamondon – found a place to put in – and started paddling.
The wind was a cross wind and slightly at my back. At about 4 km into the paddle the rollers started getting fun.
I was on a Naish Glide 14 (the same board I will be using in Maui) and was amazed at how well it caught small bumps.
One second I would be paddling my lungs out – going about 7.5 kmh, then I would catch a bump and accelerate to over 12 kmh – riding the swell and giggling like a little kid at Christmas.
Many of the rides had me standing almost all the way to the back of the board – in order to keep the nose from spearing into the back of the next wave.
Even though it was a tough grind it was a great experience and a lot of fun.
I can only imagine how good the bumps in Maui are going to be.