2022 NAISH GLIDE INFLATABLE 12’0″ X34 FUSION S26 – with FREE Paddle


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Glide inflatables provide great glide and speed, while remaining very easy to paddle. They bridge the gap between our Maliko (race) and entry-level inflatables. The 12’0” offers superior stability and easy paddling on long touring sessions thanks to its wide outline. The 12’0” comes at a 34” width.

Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail of the board. Additional handles in the nose make getting in and out of the water on slippery banks faster and easier than ever. Glide inflatables are designed for paddlers who want to explore further on the water (than the casual SUP-er). They offer enhanced performance, extra capabilities and faster paddling than entry level SUP boards while remaining very stable and easy to use.

We only have 1 left in stock – and it now comes with a FREE 3pc. adjustable paddle (reg. $269.99)

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