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The Blindgänger may not be your everyday ride, but it’s an excellent addition to your existing quiver. Its area of expertise is definitely on soft snow like deep powder and spring-time slush. The 161cm length paired with a long, wide nose gives you a lot of lift and glide. The wingers shorten the effective edge, making the board more agile and reactive. The swallowtail allows for a loose feel all around, and allows for quick, snappy turns off the back foot. The full rocker makes this board turn very easily and gives you maximum float in powder, while the short side cut offers just enough edge to enjoy cruising soft resort slopes.. A 3D Convex “ship-like” bow base in the nose area makes this wide board easier to set on edge. The PTEX edges replace traditional metal edges, making it faster and lighter, and easier to repair. Just stay away from ice!



Our FULL ROCKER offers the most float of all our board profiles. It’s currently only being used for two shapes in our Concept Line – the Obelix 57 & Blindgänger 61. Combined with its positive sidecut it makes for a unique riding experience in deep conditions.

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