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Built for long-board lovers, this modern pin-tail is not only made for tall people. The idea was to make a long board that feels and handles like a shorter board, all while keeping the benefits of its actual length. It offers effortless float, lift and un­matched stability, which allows you to glide across the mountain with ease and a lot of speed, while still being agile if you really want it to. With this shape you will be riding past your friends who are already stuck in deep snow, strapped out and hiking. Much like all the shapes of the KORUA classic line, it also carves really well on groomers.


Our smooth FLOAT CAMBER curves into a rocker shape in the nose area creating an S-like shape. This design gives you the lift you need in deep powder, improving float while maintaining speed throughout the whole turn. It also offers response and stability when going for airs or simply turning in variable conditions.


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