Moss C3


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Snow, surf, skate, all in one. The C3 stands for “three channels” — its triple concave bottom tail with the Fishbone core featured inside adapts and provides a locked-in feeling to the snow like no other. The iconic short but wide rectangular shape is capable of not only high maneuverability and stability in all conditions, but thanks to our new Step Back Rocker system, also true surf-like back foot control, to take your snowsurfing to the next level. The C3 is a game changer—one of the most unique and versatile all mountain boards that encapsulates the progression of our snowsurf shapes.

Graphic by Grind Lodge

LENGTH: 1400

R. LENGTH: 960

EF. EDGE: 1050

SIDECUT: 8000/5200

NOSE/WAIST/TAIL: 330/270/288

STANCE WIDTH: 520 (480-600)


PROFILE: Step Back Rocker (Like a surfboard, its tail rocker starts at its waist. With a micro-camber underneath your rear foot, the Step Back Rocker system enables agile and surf-like back foot control)


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