Dipper Fish 36″


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The Dipper is a pintail designed to bring the compact maneuverability of a cruiser board to a carvy, flexy longboard shape. This board gives you a tight-turning, responsive ride that will make weekday commutes or casual weekend cruises the highlight of your week. The narrow width provides you with incredible control over the edges of the board so you can ride this thing aggressively if you want to or take it easy on those casual cruises. Mellow concave and a subtle rocker will have you feeling right at home on this board. Often referred to as the “best board ever” at skate sessions.

The Dipper is a compact longboard shape that measures 36″ long and 8.6″ wide. It has a tight platform and narrower trucks so you can carve circles around your friends. The Fish is created by our in-house art team, and pairs perfectly with the vibes of swimming against the tide. It has a soft, bouncy flex and a fairly long wheelbase which give it a playful, surfy ride. We set it up with soft Hawgs wheels to let you destroy any obstacle that finds itself in your path.


Length: 36″
Width: 8.65″
Wheelbase: 24.29″