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New masterpiece.
Fully engineered and privately manufactured in Japan using the finest materials, technologies and workmanship. Its shape combines and encapsulates the best features and advantages of our top selling Performance Quad 54 and 60, which are designed for high-performance snowsurfing in any condition.

Compared with the traditional directional camber, the peak of the camber sits closer to the front foot, providing a quicker response and replicating front-foot surfing on the mountains.

Shape: Naoto Kotsugai

Core: Bass Wood, Japanese Wingnut & Maple

Edge: Stainless Steel

Length: 1560 mm

Running Length: 884 mm

Effective Edge: 1192mm

Sidecut Radius: 8800 mm

Nose Width: 314 mm

Waist Width: 266 mm

Tail Width: 294 mm

Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)

Set Back: -13.5 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber

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