Moss Performance Quad 149


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Shape: Naoto Kotsugai

Graphic: Etsuko Taguchi

Length: 1490 mm

Running Length: 885 mm

Effective Edge: 1117 mm

Sidecut Radius: 7900 mm

Nose Width: 297 mm

Waist Width: 252 mm

Tail Width: 283 mm

Stance Width: 480 mm (400-520 mm)

Set Back: +12 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber

Surf inspired from the base up. The Performance Quad Series is concepted and designed with the soul of surfboard shaping in mind. The aggressive edge hold offers excellent stability at all speed, powering through hard carves in icy or packed snow. The double concave tail provides two channels for the snow, optimizing a locked-in feeling and board control while reducing wet snow suction and drag. This whole design concept come together to make this one of the highest performance boards in the lineup. Surf’s up in any condition.

Compared with the traditional directional camber, the peak of the camber sits closer to the front foot, providing a quicker response and replicating front-foot surfing on the mountains.

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