Moss Swallow 158 – 2023


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Moss’s Swallow Series is designed to revolutionize the concept of the powder board. The construction of our iconic swallowtail offers unparalleled all-snow versatility; on groomers, it ensures a lighter swing weight and high-speed stability with its long effective edge. The split tail flex allows you to shorten the sidecut, enabling beautiful and creative arcs exclusive to the swallowtail design. When it comes to powder conditions, the tapered outline effortlessly keeps the nose up, while offering high maneuverable tail control. Look no further for the ultimate all-mountain snowsurfing experience; the Swallow Series delivers it at its finest.


A refined take on traditional directional camber, Snowsurf Camber positions the camber peak closer to the front foot for immediate, precise response and acceleration, simulating a front-foot surfing experience on the slopes.



SW 58

Core: Poplar & Bamboo
Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite
Length: 1580 mm
Running Length: 924 mm
Effective Edge: 1270 mm
Sidecut Radius: 9800 mm
Nose Width: 308 mm
Waist Width: 265 mm
Tail Width: 300 mm
Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)
Set Back: +42 mm
Profile: Snowsurf Camber 3 mm