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The Kink is a street machine. Designed with a focus on predictability and durability for urban and park riding, the KINK is at home on handrails and jibs. The Kink is the board of choice for Jed Anderson and many team riders when riding in the street. The Extra Camber profile has camber underfoot for pop and smooth turn initiation with a minimal amount of rocker at the tip for predictable catch-free performance. A Quadratic Sidecut provides predictability and edge hold. Slimewalls® and Cleave Edge™ provide a smoother ride and increased durability. The sintered base is harder and more durable. The Kink is a board designed for modern freestyle and street performance.





“The kink to me is the perfect board, not too stiff but still super stable. It’s not too soft, but soft enough I can hold a press. It’s stiff in the spots it should be to keep the pop in the board. I can trust it when going fast but also know I can be intricate with it and do technical tricks. I’ve been lucky enough to do the Kink graphic for the past few seasons. When creating a graphic I just want to make something original and authentic, I want the board to stick out from everything else on the market. I always think back to when I was a kid and got to go to a shop and pick out a board, I wanted something different and the one that stood out. This year I wanted something simple and bold, you could see it from 100 ft away and know “yeah, that’s the kink.”

– Jed Anderson on designing his Kink graphic

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