Ride Superpig


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The SUPERPIG infuses high-end tech into our best-selling WARPIG shape for an elite all-mountain deck.

The SUPERPIG is the same shape as the WARPIG, just with a lot more tech and a little bit of camber.
Size the SUPERPIG down 6 to 10cm’s from your standard size because of its innovative shape.

The SUPERPIG rides like a very angry WARPIG.
This board is made for the demanding rider that wants the aggressive thrash style of the WARPIG with camber and a little more stiffness.
Don’t let the shape fool you—this board will go anywhere and do anything.
Of course, it will still ride powder with its short, wide shape, but you’ll be really impressed at how fast the SUPERPIG goes from edge to edge on hardpack and the pop the camber provides.
A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and maintains speed in all conditions.
Carbon Infused Glass provides extra pop and Carbon Slim Walls reduce weight, increase damping, and increases energy transfer to enhance response and stability.
Carbon Array 5™ provides extra pop without adding stiffness while the low friction Race Base is made from a carbon-infused sintered base material to ensure a fast ride.

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