Ripper 37″ Moon


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The Ripper is the Dippers big brother. The wider standing platform provides confidence at higher speeds and works great for bigger riders. The board uses slightly wider trucks to match the width of the deck. It has a soft, bouncy flex and a nice, long wheelbase which give it a playful, surfy ride. The Ripper lets you lean deep into your carves. Mellow concave and a subtle rocker will have you feeling right at home on this board. The kicktail gives you something extra to play around with on those long commutes and adds an element of versatility to this board.

The Ripper is a compact longboard shape that measures 36.9″ long and 9″ wide. It combines a healthy dose of rocker, a kicktail, wide TKP trucks and just the right amount of flex to be one of the most playful cruiser boards we’ve ever made. This bad boy rolls smooth on Hawgs soft wheels. The Moon graphic, created by our in house art team, is pretty hard to resist with its sharply contrasting Matte colors. This might end up being the most fun board in your quiver.


Length: 36.9″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 24.9″