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SHAPE True Twin

RIDING STYLE Freestyle, All Mountain, Backcountry

FLEX 6/10

The ROSKOPP TWO is shred-ready! This board combines the features of our True Twin Shape dual sidecut Double Camber with our Perfect11 width. The ideal combination of features that offers the versatility and stability needed to tackle any terrain or obstacle that crosses your path! The ultimate Freestyle performance ride.


152 | 257w – 157 | 258w – 160 | 261w – 163 | 263w


All Level, Advanced


Freestyle, All Mountain, Backcountry

Pure Freestyle feeling on any terrain, whether you ride on hardpacked slope’s or in the steep and deep. Once you experience the Double Camber you’ll never want to ride anything else! It offers improved floatation in powder with slight incline at the nose and tail that helps the rider stay on top while maintaining exceptional maneuverability.


True Twin

This snowboard comes in a True Twin Shape. Tip and tail are of equal length and width combined with a double sidecut give the board radical maneuverability.


Double Camber

The Double Camber is a mind-blowing camber shape for radical freestyle maneuvers. It offers stability at high speeds and insane grip on icy and hard packed terrain. The progressive camber adds significant pop to the board and helps maintain continuous edge contact on steep, groomed slopes while remaining responsive and stable in all mountain terrain.




The mid-range flex – 6 out of 10 – gives this board an easy-rider flow and feel. You can press and maneuver with speed when going big or take it on a more mellow, playful jib line with multiple hits.


Sidewall: ABS+ Rubber Dampening
Edge: HRC Stainless steel edge
Core: HCM Poplar Tip to Tail Wood Core
Fibre Laminate: Biax 30+
Base: Super Glide SX7000

Size 152 wide 157 wide 160 wide 163 wide
Effective Edge 1170 1220 1250 1270
Sidecut 7.4 7.7 7.9 8.1
Tip Width 301 305 309 313
Waist Width 257 259 261 263
Tail Width 301 305 309 313
Tip Length 175 175 175 180
Tail Length 175 175 175 180
Nose/Tail Height 52/52 52/52 52/52 52/52
Stance 52/64 52/64 52/64 54/66
Offset 0 0 0 0

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157w, 160w