Stratus 46″ Bayside


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The Stratus is one of the most functional and versatile boards in our lineup. Designed for dancing, the long wheelbase and subtle flex create a board well suited to freestyle tricks, long cruises, carving, sliding, bombing, popping those ollies and all out vibing. The board is fully symmetrical, so no matter which way it hits the ground, you can continue getting’ jiggy. it is a fantastic tool for experts to push their boundaries and hone their skills.

The Stratus 46 has always been a vibe, but this new version levels up the vibes to 90 (or 90’s to be exact). The same exact board that we all know and love with a new graphic that our passionate in-house artists created, the Stratus 46 Bayside keeps you rolling in style. The Stratus 46 is set up with 180mm, 50-degree Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks and 63mm, 78a Fatty Hawgs wheels. 45.5″ long by 9.25″ wide, the 50-degree trucks carve like a dream.


Length: 45.5″
Width: 9.25″
Wheelbase: 27.5-29.5″