Moss Swallow 158

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Don’t call it a powder board. Our Swallow Series has been designed to surf the entire mountain in all conditions. On groomers, their long effective edge provides superb stability and control, and their lighter swing weight and tail flex enable you to turn sharp and gracefully for making those beautiful arcs. No explanation is needed how they perform in powder—just strap into one and experience what effortless means.


Compared with the traditional directional camber, the peak of the camber sits closer to the front foot, providing a quicker response and replicating front-foot surfing on the mountains.

Length: 1620 mm

Running Length: 884 mm

Effective Edge: 1270 mm

Sidecut Radius: 9800 mm

Nose Width: 310 mm

Waist Width: 262 mm

Tail Width: 292 mm

Stance Width: 540 mm (500-580 mm)

Set Back: +20 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber

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