Stranda Tree Surfer

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The Tree Surfer is not just a great fishshaped powderboard. The groundbreaking hammerhead nose makes it go through thick crust like a tank, and opens up a track for the rest of the board to follow in. The fishtail sinks and steer in powder and windpacked without all the drawbacks of a bigger swallowtail. As all Stranda boards it carves like nothing else. The Tree Surfer is a freeride snowboard that will bring you down with a smile on your face even in the worst conditions. Topsheet is made of a thin layer of bamboo sealed with high gloss polished laquer.



Lengths: 157, 162 Core: Ash/poplar Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods Topsheet: Bamboo Profile: Low Camber with Tip-Tail-Rocker. Swallow tail. Base: Sintered 4001 Durasurf

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157, 162