2020 Naish Jet Foil 2450 w/ Abracadabra


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The Jet 2450 foil was designed to create the best performing downwind and small surf foil possible. Much like the Jet 2000, the jet 2450 wing combines an incredible amount of lift while keeping a wide range of speed. The largest foil in the Naish line, the jet 2450 is ideal for riders up to 250 pounds. The Jet 2450 front wing focuses on maximum lift and pumping ability making it accessible for foil downwinders for heavier riders while still being turn enough to be a force to reckon with in small gutless surf or for riders that need that extra amount of lift for weight reasons. Compared to our smaller wings it has a flatter curve and wider wingspan which improves the pumping ability and overall lift.

Front Wing: 2450

Rear Wing: 450

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