2020 Starboard Whopper WindSUP 10’0” x 35” Deluxe construction with Dagger Board


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Starboard WindSUP Inflatable Whopper School Edition 10′ x 35” – Stable and compact all-rounder
The SB Windsup Inflatables are Great all-round boards for windsurfing and SUP use. The New Whopper School Edition – provides a compact and stable design that’s targets stability for learning both SUP and windsurfing. It provides reasonable glide paddling in flat water and is stable enough for small wave use. It is a great all-round performer. Starboard removes footstrap inserts from board for a clean deck for both sport uses. The Whopper is the only windsup 2020 model that features a retractable daggerboard system vs. removable center fin box system. This system is called the Clipper Box and the daggerboard can easily be removed for SUP use. The daggerboard improves stability and upwind capabilities for windsurfing in lighter winds and learning. Whioppers also feature A Double Rail Edge – improves grip while carve jibing (like on Airplane windsurf Inlfatable models). The Whopper – NEW – Removable Mast Track = flush deck in paddling mode and a Built in Deck plate – distributes rig load over a large area for added stiffness. Great for learning and all around fun for all. Excellent option for schools and resorts as well!Whopper Features:
– Deluxe Daggerboard system – improves upwind and stability on the go! – Includes V8 Pump and Bag – Isthmus offering only!
– Improved construction = Heat Welded seams.
– 6”” Drop-stitch technology (Improved / less glue / lighter weight)
– NEW – Removable Mast Track = flush deck in paddling mode.
– Built in Deck plate – distributes rig load over a large area for added stiffness.
– Douoble Rail Edge technology.
– No footstrap inserts on School Edition – keeps it simple and clean on deck.
– Only Windsup inflatable with a Deluxe Daggerboard system (vs. ctr only fin)
– 57 cm Daggerboard with Clipper Box.
– US fin box (rear of board).
– 22 cm Drake Shallow fin – promotes direction traction in shortest length
– D-rings front and aft for towing (front) and leash use (aft)
– V8 double action Pump – for fast and easier pumping cycles
– Windsurf Deluxe L Board Bag.Size / Specs:
10′ x 35″ x 6″ x 315 liters, 27.7 lbs (12.6 kg)

Heated and bonded for life – Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment. Construction utilizing dener sandwich rail stiffeners, triple-stringer carbon compression rail bands, more fiber, less coating and less glue result in lighter weights for improved stiffness. 6″ drop stitch.

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