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Freedom Dolly The Trick Deck 31″ comes with soft cushy barefoot grip, Bent Metal trucks, stoneground 62mm/83a Freedom Dolly wheels, and is a great West Coast cruiser.

Freedom Dolly meshes strength, durability, and earth friendly elements into this skateboard deck.

Classified as a grass, Bamboo is ready to harvest in 5 years and has fantastic physical properties. Bamboo one of the world’s fastest growing plants, capable of growing 39” in a 24 hour period. Its long fibers make it stronger and lighter than traditional skateboard woods. All Freedom Dolly Bamboo is prepared using a non-toxic natural soaking process. If a skateboard is built from the forest. Is there still a forest? If it’s a Freedom Dolly Rideable Renewable there is!

Matt French is a talented, prolific, Skateboarder/Artist/Dad from Bellingham Washington. Versatile in almost any art medium, Matt creates in the middle of the night when the world around him is calm and the madness of the day can flow out of his fingers onto fancy out-of-production paper, plywood, particle board, or whatever garbage he can dig up to paint on. Matt did all of the art for Freedom Dolly.