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11th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup – presented by Starboard

The 11th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup is in the books.

Saturday morning dawned a bit chilly, and some lingering smoke from the BC forest fires, for registration at the Edmonton Queen Riverboat parking lot.
All the Race and Tour paddlers were checked in and the paddlers and their boards were loaded into their respective shuttles.

The Racers headed up to Terwillegar Park and make the short trek to the water, while the Tour paddlers left 30 minutes later and were shuttled to Laurier Park (sorry for the bus driver taking the “scenic route”).

The Race began shortly after 9:30 AM with 31 racers heading out.
Making it just in time to Laurier Park – the 54 Tour paddlers joined in the river run back downto Rafters Landing and the Edmonton Queen Riverboat.

There was a little bit of head wind for a few short sections of the course this year – but nothing compared to last year.
Thank goodness it was down current.
Once the paddlers rounded the bend in the river at the northend of Hawrelak Park it turned into a downwind / down current run all the way past the High Level bridge. From there it was a short paddle to the finish.

Once all paddlers were back safe and sound we proceeded with the BBQ and Awards at Rafters Landing.
A Huge Thank You to the Holm Family for doing such an awesome job of getting everyone fed in such a short period of time.

Sunday was SUP Polo Day.
While the course was being set up the Holm family treated everyone to pancakes and sausages!
With the Starboard Polo court all set up, paddlers were shuttled out to the playing field on the 18’6″ x 60″ Starboard Starship where they mounted their Starboard SUP Polo boards and paddles.
Each team played 3 games – and while at times it “seemed” really serious, ALL players had the most FUN of the entire weekend.
There were lots of battles, and lots of laughter.
Team D – of Kristian Pearson and Griffin Currie were the series winners.
Shop Staff Griffin was the series MVP with a hat trick in the last game!

Thank you to everyone that came out and paddled / that volunteered to help run the event / and to all the sponsors that donated the massive amount of draw prizes – please support them, as they support the sport.

Mark your calendars for the 12th Annual SUP Cup on August 17 & 18, 2019
PLEASE plan on coming to SUP Polo next year – as Dave Kalama says – “it is the most FUN you can have on a SUP.”