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Deck Pad Install

While most stand up boards come with an EVA deck pad on them, some do not.
The new “Startouch” deck traction from Starboard offers great grip - but personally I like the softer feel of a deck pad, especially when you are going to be on the board for a long time.

Here is a step by step of how to install a deck pad.
1) Figure out where you pad is going to go – in this case an On A Mission SUP pad that comes in 4 main parts.
I determined it only needed 3 parts to cover the main area of the board.

2) Line up – and then trace around the pad with a pencil.

3) I sanded down the Startouch a little bit with 600 grit wet sand paper – just to make sure the pad stayed on.

4) Start from one end or the other and peel and stick. The center line on the Starboard makes it real easy to line things up.
If your board does not have a line – place some masking tape along the center line of the board beyond where your pad will go.

5) In order to be able to locate the handle (and / or vent plugs) I put some tape on the rails where the handle is more or less located.

6) Use a sharp blade to cut out the handle area. I like to angle the cut at the edge to make it smooth on my hands.

7) Go Paddle!

Just in case you are wondering what board this is – it is a Starboard Whopper (10’0″ x 34″) in the AST Startouch construction.
This construction will be coming in Blue this year – the Orange was a prototype for a possible color. Most dealers liked the blue better so that is what went into production. We at Easy Rider did manage to get 3 of the Orange boards – My Whopper, a Seven Eleven(7’11” x 30″) and a Big Easy (12’0″ x 34″) They are the only orange ones in the world – so call me quickly if you want one!

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