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Extend your season!

There is still lots of open water out there, and if you have the proper gear it is a great time to paddle.

Most important are good booties – we have a ton of different ones in stock, with my personal favorite being the Quiksilver 7mm Cypher boot.
Next up is dressing in layers – for the top half – the BEST invention for cold weather paddling is the Quiksilver Cypher heat vest. This is a battery operated vest with heating elements on the small of your back and around the sides (keeping your kidneys warm -> which keeps your blood warm). On top of that is a good thermal rash guard and then a Quiksilver Waterman Collection paddle jacket. All of this gear is designed for paddling and it makes a world of difference. On the bottom I wear some cold weather cycling pants (I am pushing Quiksilver to make a pant next).

Come on it and I can suit you up for the cold.

It truly is an amazing thing to paddle with the ice.

The Starboard PIN makes a great ice breaker.
Sunny days make for a beautiful time to paddle.
Your board will be heavier when you get out, from the ice build up.