K2 Standard


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Looking for the right avenue to build confidence on the hill? The Standard is your secret weapon to developing your skills. Engineered for new riders, built upon a directional twin shape, and kitted up with a Catch-Free™ Tune, the Standard will have you riding regular and switch with the best of em’.

Outfitted with a Rocker Profile (flat between the bindings, and rockered just outside the bindings) the Standard delivers ultra-smooth turn initiation and easy edge release. This buttery feel means fewer falls, more time on hill and faster progression.

The Standard’s core is built from sustainably harvested Aspen, giving it a forgiving flex that allows it to remain playful for popping ollies or hitting your first jumps. Biaxially woven fiberglass hugs the Aspen core, giving the board the edge hold it needs to handle higher speed as you progress and explore new terrain.

Whether it’s your first day on the hill, or you’re working up to black diamonds, the all-mountain K2 Standard is the premier beginner snowboard that will give the confidence to keep coming back for more.

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