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Quiksilver Waterman Collection – Paddle Jacket

Well since the river is now frozen solid – it’s time for some Gear Reviews.

New from Quiksilver for 2011 is the Waterman Collection Paddle Jacket.
This is not a typical wetsuit jacket, in that it is not really intended to be immersed in water.
The chest and upper sleeve areas have a smooth skin outer (similar to a wetsuit) that is a PU coated wind barrier. The inside chest area is an un-brushed polypropylene for warmth.
The back and lower sleeves are a super thick lycra (similar to a thermal rash guard).
There is a large pocket on the lower back area that allows you to stash things and keep them out of the way while paddling.
The Paddle jacket will be coming in both a pull over ($99.99 Canadian) and a full zip ($109.99).
Since I helped Quiksilver on the design of this item – I managed to get a few of the full zip version to sell early. Give me a call at the shop if you want to be one of the very few people in Canada to get one of these for Christmas!

Prototype being modeled by yours truly.
Prototype being modeled by yours truly.
Cold weather testing!
Cold weather testing!