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Ride Snowboard factory tour

As a prize for our 25th Annual Snowboard Cup back in April – Ride Snowboards gave away a trip to their factory in Seattle for the draw prize winner and a guest. Myself and our Ride sales rep. – Tom – were also invited ot tag along.

It was an awesome trip – and I really want to than Thank – Ride Snowboard and Tom for an awseome prize.

Here is a photo essay of the trip.

First off was Dinner at “The Crab Pot” – any meal which involves a hammer has to be good!
Yup – it was good!
We then walked around the water front area – including a trip down Post Alley – including the famous “Gum Wall” (yes – that is all used chewing gum)
The next day at the factory – the tour began in the offices – including a stop in the graphics department.
Then into the warehouse. It’s BIG!
From the warehouse it was into the prototype facility – where we were walked through everything that goes into making a snowboard. Wood Core here.
Cool die cut Easy Rider base – Base and edges on left and the mold is prepared on right.
The fiberglass is “wetted” with epoxy.
Core and more glass added – along with carbon strands.
Into the press.
Out of the press – and left to cure for 24 hours.
They made Mackinzie’s board the day before – he got his own die cut base!
Trimming the excess.
Finish sanding.
After watching our boards get made we were able to go into the freezer (-30c) to see how they test boards. This machine smashed a board at 50kph into a metal bar.

Then it was a quick lunch and back to the airport.
Thanks again to Ride and Tom for such a kick butt prize!