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Snowboarding is FUN!

It’s official – the local snowboard season is done for another year.
I managed to make it to Sunshine Village a couple of times in May – and they were the best days of the season.
Sunshine had an all time record amount of snowfall this season, and it showed. Two weeks from closing the ski out was still in perfect shape all the way to the bottom, and 5 days from closing it was wide open down to the Goats Eye station.

I truly hope you had a great snowboard season – I sure did.
So for now it’s either a flight to Chile or a trip out to Whistler or Mt. Hood.
Have a great summer and remember – our snowboard gear shows up in August!

I even pulled my kid out of school mid week for the last trip - note how few people are around.
Riding in a long sleeve and no toque is the best!
Trey showing off his "grasser" technique on the next years Burton Parkitect