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SUP Camping

Wanting to prove the versatility of Stand Up Paddle boards, my son and I went SUP Camping on the September long weekend.
A 3 km paddle to an uninhabited island in Lac La Biche was our destination.
The paddle over was beautiful – absolute glass.
Once our camp was set up we went exploring on the island, seeing a Bald Eagle and two White Tail Deer.
Then it was time for a fire on the beach and a dinner of hot dogs and marsh mellows.

We awoke the next morning to rain and wind.
Packing up quickly and heading for home we ran straight into a 25 knot head wind.
I ended up passing my leash to my son – and towed him back for the worst part.
Our easy paddle of 20 minutes over the day before was now a struggle to make it home and ended up taking over an hour and a half.
The hot chocolate back at the cabin tasted real good!

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