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SUP – Motorcycle adventure

With the outdoor SUP and motorcycle season rapidly coming to a close in our area, I decided it was time to combine the two sports into one awesome adventure.

Early on a Sunday morning I loaded my bike up with a Starboard Astro Touring, a Quickblade 3 piece travel paddle and the new Starboard SUP Suit for the chilly water temperature.

I headed out in search of a small lake north of Edmonton that I had seen on one of my “getting lost on my bike” adventures earlier in the summer.
After a few hours of having fun on my bike I made it to the lake. It only took afew minutes to change out of my bike gear and into the SUP Suit – I then blew up the board and hit the water. Once the paddle was done – it was a quick change over and pack up, followed by a nice ride home.

It was a great day – and an awesome way to combine two of my favorite sports.

SUP – anywhere (and any way) there is water.