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SUP on the ‘rocks’

So with the cold weather coming fast – and the river getting close to becoming “solid” – I figured it was time for one last paddle.

When I checked the night before – there was still about 30% open water – but the ice tends to do weird things at this time of the year. Less than 12 hours later there was only about 5% open water. Didn’t get much of a paddle in – but had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

Big THANKS to Perry Nelson for coming out and getting cold with me by taking all the photos.

Early morning session!
Sunrise shot.

Quickblade Paddles – so light they stand on their own.
They also make great ice chippers!
Starboard Astro Touring 12’6″ in “Toboggan mode” (the carry handle also doubles as a foot strap)