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Blow up SUP

Took out a selection of Inflatable SUP’s to the Demo on Tuesday night and gave them all a try.
Boards included the C4 iSup 10’6″, the new Hobie ATR I 10’8″ and a prototype of Starboards new 2012 Whopper Inflatable.

In a totally un scientific test – here are my results.
The C4 was the fastest (because it was the narrowest) but it didn’t track as well as the other two because it has 3 molded in smaller fins.
The Starboard was the most stable (because it is 35″ wide)
The Hobie tracked the best (larger center fin – also on the Starboard) and a longer water line due to it’s length)
Both the Starboard and the Hobie featured tie down locations of gear on the nose area.

After our “test” – Delmer, Robin and I engaged in a potential new SUP sport – Bumper Boards!
You were not allowed to hit the legs – but ramming each other on the nose or tail of the boards was a lot of fun.
Might have to work that into some sort of contest at a WEM demo this winter.

If storage space is limited, or ease of transportation are high on your SUP priority list – you can’t go wrong with any of these boards.
While you may not win a race with a “normal” epoxy board – they are a great alternative and are a blast for general cruising.

Our blow up dates!


Griffin testing the stability of the 10'0" x 35" Starboard inflatable.