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Brawl at the Mall!

What happens when you take an indoor water park – add a bunch of people on SUP boards – and throw in a little roundy, roundy style race?
You get the first ever Easy Rider – Brawl at the Mall – presented by Quiksilver Waterman and Naish!

What an absolute blast.
We ran heats of 4 people at a time – with each race being 2 laps of the pool.
The top 2 of each heat went to the A side and the bottom 2 went to the B side where they battled it out in the LCQ for a single spot in the Final. Everyone paddled several times – and we could have run more heats – but everyone voted to wrap up the race a little early and turn on the waves for some fun.
The final was a 5 man heat that saw a few falls – but tons of smiles.
A Big Thank You to Dave Kalama for making the trip to Edmonton, to Naish for helping to get him here, and to Quiksilver for the prizes and BIG buoys.

Results: (top 5 Men)
1. Warren Currie
2. Corey Jesperson
3. David Bosch
4. Delmer Wowk
5. Karl Miller

1. Kjelti Kellough
2. Jackie Cozzolino

1. Trey Currie
2. Griffin Currie

After Race Surfing!
Dave having fun!