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GoPro WiFi review and “Floaty” cam.

We got in the new GoPro WiFi combo pack – and as much as GoPro changed how easy it is to film and take photos of sports . . . the WiFi will again change how easy it is to use the GoPro. The kit is a game changer.
All functions can be controlled from the remote that can be worn on the supplied wrist strap, put in a pocket, put on a lanyard, etc.
The screen on the remote is the exact same as the one on the HD2 Hero camera.
The BacPac the clips onto the camera and the remote set up their own little WiFi connection – with a range stated at 600 feet!
I tested it out to about that distance and had no issues at all.
You can also control up to 50 cameras with one remote (great if you have multiple cameras).
When you get the Combo Pack – you will have to update the firmware on your camera, the remote, and the BacPac before you use it. It took me a total of about 10 minutes to do all three.

My latest GoPro creation is the “Floaty” cam. This is made from a chunck of a SUP paddle, some packing foam and a bolt with 72 washers on it in the base (below the water) to help keep it stable. It worked well – but I think I want to add an old surf fin to the base for some directional stability.

Me on the Starboard Touring 12'6" Carbon
"Floaty" cam
One shot of Delmer taken during "Burst Mode" (10 frames in 1 second). Me in the background taking the photo with the remote.