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Stand Up Paddleboard SELECTION

I have had some customers in the store lately that have looked at the 50 or so SUP boards we have on display and asked if that is all we have?

First off – no other store in Canada (and very, very few in the USA) have more SUP’s on display than Easy Rider does.
If you find a store with more on display than we do – take a photo and send it to me and I will give you a prize.

Secondly – just like every sport we sell – of course we have more! Easy Rider is all about selection after all.

So . . . here is a listing of all 121 DIFFERENT stand up paddleboards we have IN STOCK – RIGHT NOW.
If we don’t have it – you don’t need it.
Why “wait for your board to be ordered in” – when you can get it today.

This list is not a “click one and buy it” deal.
I still want to make sure you are getting the right board for you.

Call or email me and I will be more than happy to guide you through the decision making process.
Of the 121 boards in stock – I have paddled 111 of them, either our demos or at dealer launches / race events / etc.


Yup - 121 different boards!