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History is defined as “thewholeseries of past events connected with someone or something”.

History and Snowboarding and The Easy Rider is defined as Warren Currie.

Warren is the owner of The Easy Rider – it first opened it’s doors on Dec. 6, 1996.
Prior to that Warren had been part owner in another shop in Edmonton and has been selling snowboards in Edmonton since the very early 1980’s.
Warren has been snowboarding since the beginning and it was he and his brother Scott who got snowboarding allowed at all the ski areas in Northern Alberta.

Warren is still riding as much as possible, and after 33 years of snowboarding he still enjoys it as much as the first day.

If you value knowledge and history in your snowboard purchasing decisions – The Easy Rider is the place to go.

See you soon!

Warren on his Burton Backhill along Whitemud Freeway – January, 1980.
Warren on his Hooger Booger at Hidden Ridge (now Sun Ridge) Ski area in 1983.
Warren on his Snowtech Jazz at the 2nd Snowboard Cup – 1989
Warren on his Burton Air at Powder King, BC – 1990
Warren on his Burton Barracuda at Powder Mountain Heli – 2011