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Starboard International Dealer / Distributor meeting in Spain.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend Starboard’s International Dealer and Distributor meetings in Spain last week.
The Meetings covered all of Starboards products – Starboard SUP, Starboard Windsurf, Severn windsurf sails and Air Rush kites and kite boards.
The event was held at the La Ballena Alegre Camping Park in the Costa Brava area, in the Bay of Roses on the north, east coast of Spain.

My wife and I arrived into Barcelona late Saturday night and made the 150 km drive to the resort.
It was a “hectic” drive – in the dark – with rain – in a foreign country – after 12 hours of flying. We arrived and went to sleep.

The next morning was the start of 4 days of meetings that would start with breakfast at 7:00 AM followed at 8:00 AM with product knowledge meetings that would run until 1:00 PM – then an hour for lunch, followed by trying out all the new 2013 gear.
By “all the new gear” I mean ALL the new gear – there were over 150 boards (SUP / Sail and Kite).
After paddling / sailing or kiting all afternoon we would then write product evaluations on what we had tested. I personally paddled over 45 different SUP boards.
This cycle of “eat, learn, eat, test, eat, sleep” would repeat each of the 4 days.

Part of the reason I was invited to the meetings in Europe as the sole North American – was to talk about growing SUP in non typical areas (which Edmonton and Alberta definitely are).
While the areas of Europe that are on the ocean are experiencing similar growth in SUP as North America – much of the “inland” areas are still very slow to “grab on” to SUP on flat water. It was confirmed by Svein (owner of Starboard) that Edmonton, Alberta is leading the way – world wide – for flat water SUP development.

I also spoke on the development and sales of the Starboard Touring line of boards that I helped to create.
The Touring segment of Starboards line has grown in leaps and bounds. In 2012 there were 2 sizes, each coming in 2 constructions – for a total of 4 variations.
For 2013 – there is a total of 21 versions available!

It was a fantastic event and I am super thankful to have been asked to take part – Thank you Starboard!

Here are a few of the 800+ photos I took.

Our Bungalow for the 5 nights.
Giant pan of Paella for dinner one nigh.
The restaurant is at the far left – all the product displays are under the red awnings.
Part of the SUP display.
Starboard has a great line up of paddles for 2013.
In addition to SUP – Starboard is also the largest Sailboard company in the world!
All of the Starboard designers and product managers.
A vert small selection of boards on the beach – ready to go.
A “few” boards packed away for the night.
Pro Series surf SUP’s in carbon – so dam sexy!
Race boards as far as you can see!
New color way for the Carbon boards – this is an 11’2″ Blend.
The new ASAP soft top construction – with a hard bottom. These are super cool.
Went on a great 10 mile Tour one afternoon with my wife – Her on the 12’6″ x 32″ and me on the 14′ x 30″ Touring – both in Carbon.
Great shore line to paddle in and around.
We even had fun little waves to play in later in the afternoon.
Starboard 14′ x 25″ Sprint – in Carbon. The flat water missile.
Starboard 14′ x 26″ All Star – in Carbon. Down wind and chop machine!
Starboard Astro 14′ Race – this is a prototype 14′ x 26″ inflatable race board. It is ridiculously fast for an inflatable.
Astro Touring 12’6″ WindSUP – yes – it is a 12’6″ inflatable SUP board that you can put a sail on – with a daggerboard!
Starboard Touring 12’6″ x 32″ in Carbon. This is the new 32″ wide version – great for larger paddlers / people that want to carry more gear / or people that just want more stability.
Starboard Touring 12’6″ x 29″ in Wood. This is the new 29″ wide version. Great for lighter paddlers or people wanting a little more speed from a touring board.
Starboard Touring 12’6″ x 30″ in AST Silver. As with all of the Silver construction boards – you can attach a windsurf sail to them. This board also has a set of fin bowes near the middle to aid in up wind sailing. It is a very fast light wind sail board.
Starboard Touring 12’6″ x 30″ in AST White. The “White” boards are de-featured and are a great value.
Svein Rasmussen, me, and Sean Poynter

Big thank you to Starboard for the trip, for making the best products in the world, for being focused on people having fun, and for listening to me and allowing me to help in the development of the best Touring SUP boards in the world!

Thank You.