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KayakPro – SUP Ergometer

I just received and built my new KayakPro SUP Ergometer – which is a fancy way of saying SUP rowing machine.

KayakPro is a company that makes great rowing machines and have supplied many Olympic rowing teams with machines.
With the growth of Stand Up Paddling – they decided to make a machine that would allow you to paddle indoors (or when your water is frozen for 5 months).

The main mechanism is the same as any high end rowing machine. Instead of having a rowing handle there is a rope attached to a “paddle” and a pivot that allows you to change sides.
The key to the machine is the mounting of the board on 6 springs that allow it to move similar to being on the water. This gives the added core work out that SUP is famous for.

The machine arrived in 3 very will packed boxes – with no damage. The hardware packs were labeled to correspond with the instructions and it was a very easy build. From first opening the boxes to being up and paddling was just under 90 minutes.

I am helping the KayakPro guys out – and if you are interested you can come and try out my machine, and I can get them in at the store for you.

Frame work
The board.
In action.