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Starboard Stand Up Paddleboard Shipment

Of course my shipment of 2012 Starboard Stand Up Paddleboards had to show up on the coldest day of the year!
Unloading a semi trailer at minus 30 something is not a lot of fun. I had a half full can of coke sitting in the middle of the warehouse and by the time I was finished – it was frozen solid!

Anyway – TONS of new boards now in stock. Just in time for our demo this Sunday (contact the shop for more info).
If there is a specific boards you were looking for, say the new Atlas Extra, or the new Widepoint 9’5″, or the new Whopper Extra, or the new NGG 10’5″ Fitness board – if so now is the time to get it – because we actually have them all in stock!

Boxes and boxes and boxes!


New Starboard Widepoint 9'5" in Brushed Carbon = Light and Sexy.

And all the new Starboard Paddles have shown up as well.

The new “Silver” paddle look awesome.

Starboard paddles!
Enduro Silver paddles with either a Rebound Glass shaft or a Premium Carbon shaft