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Starboard Stand Up Paddleboard shipment.

Good thing we have a big Sprinter Van for picking up SUP’s.
Got the call that a bunch of boards were at the trucking company and would be delivered next week. I said “forget that – I’ll come get them”.

We now have the AMAZING Starboard 12’6″ Pierce Touring in the Wood construction back in stock.

This is THE lake board for everyone. The Width and Volume of these boards make them super stable, even for beginners – yet the shape makes them approximately 70% more efficient than a traditional “longboard surfboard” shape. The piercing nose allows the board to go through chop and wave as opposed to being forced up and over every little bump like a “regular” board.
In the Video the 14′ is the one with the pointy tail and the 12’6″ has the squared off tail to help catch small waves.

Easy Rider is getting this board first out of any shop in North America due to the fact that Warren helped with the design of it.
Come get yours before they are sold out – again.

12'6" in AST Wood.


Piercing nose!
Sprinter van in action!