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SUP River Trek – Details

IF you have signed up for our 8th Annual SUP River Trek – please read the following.
(If you have NOT signed up – SORRY – the event is FULL)

Here are a few things to know about the Easy Rider SUP River Trek this weekend.
Shuttle depart location – Laurier Park Boat Launch. (this is the park at Story Land Valley Zoo).
Drive in the Exit (sign says – no entry except boats – find the boat and trailer parking – unload your board – then go park).
Shuttle depart time – Be there by 8:30 AM to load boards in to the van. If you have a board bag – bring it.
The Bus and van leave at 9:00 AM SHARP – NO EXCEPTIONS
We will then drive to the Devon boat launch – and will aim for a 10:00 AM start time on the river.
*For those NOT taking the shuttle – please be at the Devon Boat Launch (below the Devon Bridge) by 9:30 AM


The paddle takes between 4 and 5 hours – depending on river flow rate – and number of rest stops we make.

**Mandatory things to have**
Board / Paddle / Leash / Whistle / PFD (either the normal kind worn or strapped to board – or the inflatable type – which must be worn).
***If you do not have these items – you will not be allowed to partake in the paddle. No exceptions.***

Suggested items to bring that will make the day better:
Water (either water bottles or a hydration pack)
Snacks (it is easier to have a bunch small snacks – rather than a big lunch).
Booties / water shoes / sport sandals (we stop on some gravel bars in the middle of the river and it is more comfortable to walk with foot wear).
Sunscreen /Bug spray /Hat
Sunglasses – WITH a string to hold them on in the event of a fall.
Extra clothes – warmer top / etc. – incase it gets cold.
Camera – waterproof and or water proof case for cell phone.

ALCOHOL / CIGARETTES and VAPES are NOT allowed – please do not bring them.

We will have a safety meeting prior to launch.

Finally, although this is a casual paddle with the river current – it is still a paddle – not a float.
You will be required to put in some effort to get down the river in a timely manner.