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Bula! (Fijian for Hello)

It is hard for me to put into works what an amazing place Tavarua is.
My wife and I were lucky enough to be invited by Tom Holbrook of Quiksilver to attend Jeff Booth’s “week”.
Jeff Booth is an ex ASP pro surfer and books a week on Tavarua and then invites friends and in our case – friends of friends.

We flew to Los Angeles – and then flew direct on Air Pacific to the main island of Viti Levu.
We were then taken to a hotel for some breakfast and some time to lounge by the pool.
After our brief rest we loaded a small bus and had a 45 minute drive to where the small boats would take us to the island of Tavarua.
It was a little cloudy / windy / and rainy and “only” 31 degrees celsius.
Upon our arrival we were assigned our bure and our bags and my board were delivered to it.
From there it was a week of paddling / surfing / snorkeling / walking on the beach collecting shells / surfing / eating / fishing / hanging by the pool / surfing / seeing amazing wildlife / meeting and getting to know the other 32 guests on the island / oh and more surfing.

I could go on and on about the trip – but I will let the photos I took do the talking.

The only things to add is that the people on Tavarua (and Fiji in general) are the absolute nicest, most friendly people I have ever met.
The island / surf / food / friends / sea life / etc. all made it an amazing trip – but the people of Tavarua made it a once in a life time experience.
I will be going back many times to come – and you should go too!

Vinaka (Thank you) – to Tom Holbrook / Jeff Booth and all of the staff of Tavarua.

If you want more info – check out the island here or contact Waterways Travel



Tavarua - shot from my board on a morning paddle.
Boat ride over from the main island - was a little rough the first day.
Our Bure - with a little product placement shot. Thanks Starboard / Quikblade.
Fishing with Tom Holbrook.
My fish the next night.
My wife and I would get up early and paddle around the island - or around the reef.
Clear / warm water
Sea turtles hatched one evening during happy hour.
Out at Cloudbreak
Snorkeling shot.
Our boatman at Swimming Pools (first time ever on a SUP)
Me over at Swimming Pools


Kava Ceremony on the final night.
Pool area - the perfect place after a hard day of surfing.
DIning area - The best food ever!
Thanks for the memories - we will be back!